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Architect Nicolas Laisné shared with us his proposal for the Spiretec competition in New Delhi, India, which received an honorable mention. The main idea of this project was to create a modern building with natural cooling systems inspired by traditional Indian architecture and was to be composed by an IT complex with offices, a hotel, conference halls and shops.More images and architect’s description after the break.
Architect: Nicolas Laisné, Paris, France
Location: New Delhi, India
Rank in Competition: Honorable mention
Subject: Two buildings mixed used / It Offices
Height: 100 m
Surface: 13700 sq meters
Images credits: Nicolas Laisné, architect
The two 100 meter high buildings have suspended gardens on every floor and are constructed with a mix of concrete and red sandstones. These gardens are very lively with restaurants, terraces, and an outdoor amphitheatre. On the ground floor, the halls are open to the modern Indian gardens and are a link for all the activities.
The walls and openings in the facades are adapted to the building’s solar orientation. South, east and west facades are very deep with double facades. They filter the sun before it comes in. In addition, the north facades let the sun come in and the shape of the windows are adapted to the landscape.
In this building, the technology is not used to artificially cool the air using a large amount of energy. Instead, the technology is used in more efficient ways such as for opening or closing corridors or screens automatically on the facade to let the fresh air come in. With the collaboration of these design elements, tradition and modernity are able to successfully be conveyed to the building’s users.

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